Elizabeth School District

Vote Kids First!





Our Priorities

Academic Excellence and Opportunity

Focus on classical curriculum (STEM) and vocational training opportunities.

Partner with neighboring Elbert County School Districts to increase vocational training opportunities for all Elbert County students.

Collaboration with home school students to ensure they have access to necessary classes and vocational training.

Protect Parental Rights & School Choice

Adopt a Parent’s Bill of Rights & Responsibilities.

Respect the role of parents in their child’s educational journey through collaboration and partnerships with teachers and administration.

Partner with all school choice options including charter, home and private.

Sound Financial Oversight

Ensure budget efficiency and effectiveness.

Create a long-range plan to address facility needs.

Provide budget transparency and accountability.

Increase teacher pay and benefits

Ensure School Safety

Increase number of Safety Resource Officers and Security Staff.

Expand partnerships with law enforcement.

Improve upon security at all school facilities.

“America is a melting pot, and education has been a mainspring for our democracy and freedom, a means of providing gifts of knowledge and opportunity to all citizens, no matter how humble their background, so they could climb higher, help build the American dream, and leave a better life for those who follow.” Ronald Reagan

The Elizabeth Kids First Candidates

Our passions are:


To ensure the kids in our district have the opportunity to get a good, quality academic focused education and that they are provided vocational opportunities to prepare them for a successful future. 


To protect parental rights.  You entrust us every day with what you treasure most, your children.  We respect your role as parents and our role, which is to provide your children with a good education and opportunity. 


Providing transparency into the curriculum and district finances.


We believe the board needs to be transparent in how we serve our constituents.  We need to be open, accessible and truly listen.  What you, our constituents want out of our district needs to be reflected in the decisions we make. 


We want this to be the district all parents want to send their children to because they know our focus is on the students, academics and not on political agendas. 


We want this to be the district that teachers, counselors and all staff want to be a part of. Where they know they can focus on what they do best and their efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. 


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